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EMK Synercell®

The 4 R’s of Ingredient Delivery To Benefit Skin

The Right Ingredient
It is pointless to use a technology that can transport ingredients through the skin if the incorrect ingredients are being used. EMK formulas contain unique and natural active ingredients that target and benefit specific locations within the skin. Learn more about the specific high performing vitamins, botanicals, amino acids, and moisturizing essences that EMK uses in the on each products page.
The Right Location
Ingredients must be delivered to specific locations to have the greatest skin benefits. Skin moisturizing and softening ingredients as well as protective UVA and UVB filtering compounds are designed to stay on the surface, or Stratum Corneum, of the skin. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants need to penetrate below the skin surface to the Epidermis in order to be beneficial at the skin cell level. Powerful active ingredients such as Plant Placenta and other botanicals and peptides that help prevent damage and promote the healthiest, young looking skin must penetrate deeply to the dermal layer. This alone promotes cellular turnover and helps prevent and diminish visible signs of aging.

  1. The Right Concentration
    EMK designs all formulas with the highest active level of each ingredient we select, according to clinical research results. We know that if a powerful ingredient is used but at a level below its active range, it is more a type of ‘placebo’ that may give the impression of effectiveness but will not perform well enough.
  2. The Right Time Sequence
    Each product has specific needs in terms of time necessary for the ingredients to perform. For instance, the anti-aging ingredients in EMK Aurora Cleanser™ need to be released quickly because since the formula will be rinsed away minutes after application. Conversely, our Alpha Mask™ needs a controlled and targeted time release since it is left on the skin for a longer period of time.

Synercell® Delivery System Ensures Optimal Ingredient Performance

After years of laboratory research, EMK chemists have developed Synercell®, a proprietary system that works in conjunction with vegetal placenta to deliver ingredients more effectively into skin. Some of the formula technologies EMK utilizes include:

  • Skin barrier protectors release
  • Advanced emulsion solubility and polarity for optimal skin penetration
  • Liquid crystal based emulsions
  • Cross linked silicones release control
  • Delivery through intracellular pathways
  • Delivery from lipid vesicles
  • Water loss control system
  • Collagen boost system
  • Lamellar liquid crystal liposomes

EMK Synercell® Maximizes Ingredient Synergies

Synercell uses the synergy of specific botanical essences to stimulate and enhance the performance of all ingredients. Synercell® acts on the molecular mechanisms involved in cell and tissue longevity and stimulates synthesis while regulating and reorganizing cell-to-cell communication. This works as a boost of vigor so that skin can absorb and utilize the repairing EMK botanical placenta essence, and each active ingredient in our unique formulas. EMK has conducted thousands of tests to reach a perfect harmony between ingredients.

What Synercell® Does

  • It delivers active ingredients to specific locations within the skin in a controlled manner.
  • It accelerates the renewal of skin cells so that younger, revitalized skin appears more quickly.
  • Helps all skin cells receive and utilize the vital botanical placenta, clinically proven peptides, and anti-aging vitamins that skin requires to produce healthy, strong collagen and elastin. That is the essence of young, radiant skin at any age.
  • Prevents proliferation of weak skin structure that results in visibly thin, flat texture that is rough, dry, and lacking in the firmness of youthful skin.
  • Improves skin’s metabolism to result in steady regeneration instead of mere maintenance, or even degradation.
  • Helps reboot the skin cell’s memory and helps the genome to express features of healthy skin genes present in the cell’s DNA.

How Synercell® Feels

The Synercell Delivery System adds an exceptional sensory experience to EMK vegetal placenta skin care formulas. The texture of our face creams, eye creams, and serum are lightweight and they penetrate very quickly and deeply, leaving only a luxuriously soft feel on the skin with no heaviness.

The next thing you’ll notice is an immediate feeling of skin vitality, hydration, and lift. As you adhere to your EMK regime, your skin becomes firmer, clearer, less wrinkled, and plumper looking because it is beautifully hydrated and protected. With Synercell and botanical plant placenta, EMK truly nourishes your skin like no other formulas can.