Meet Kris

Meet Kris

Many of my clients couldn’t have invasive treatments or injectables for various reasons such as, sensitive skin, medication, hormonal issues, down time or financial situations. I realized, based on customer’s feedback, it was important as a dermal clinician for me to develop a range of products that would satisfy my customer’s needs. I then searched the world to find the absolute best active ingredients, that is how I discovered peptides and advanced delivery systems from EMK in USA.

Kris Beauty Shop an Official EMK Reseller was launched in December 2016 in Australia! From that date forward we have been the highest selling skincare brand. Welcome to Kris Beauty Shop.

About Kris and Kris Beauty Shop

Kris Beauty Shop is from a family of beauty industry professionals and has worked in the skincare industry for over 15 years.

Kris is recognized as a leader in the field of innovative and natural anti-aging solutions in the high end suburb of Hillside in Melbourne, Australia.

Kris has a client base ranging from celebrities to full time mums to professionals, and works in conjunction with over 300 scientists and cosmetic surgeons to constantly improve the EMK range based on feedback from her customers.

The EMK range is formulated and manufactured in USA. It is sold in selected skin therapy clinics and via Kris Beauty Shop, Australia’s choice of online home shopping network.

Known for her honesty, trusted and personable friendly nature, Kris prides herself on the quality of her products and delights in the client’s results. Kris has created this website to give her customers access to the full range of Kris Beauty Shop products at affordable prices.